Below is an example of what you could soon be experiencing for yourself!

How To Get A Girl To Like You: Example

I saw this girl in a meeting the other day. Tall and very attractive, but I noticed something else about her that not many other men would pick up on. She was on her own and she seemed sad. And I mean sad like lonely or she’d just been through a relationship break up. Now I could be wrong, but she was dressed to kill and no ring, so I gathered she is single and available. And I wanted to find out for myself how beautiful her smile was because she definitely wasn’t going to show it anytime soon.

Now too many guys get paralysed in this state of how am I going to approach her and what am I going to say and they work themselves up so much that they get so nervous and end up doing nothing and the opportunity passes. But if you know how to get a girl to like you, it’s time for some serious and interesting fun!

The meeting ended and I somehow ended up running into her as she approached her car. She didn’t really see me. So I just put on the CONFIDENT body language and deep confident masculine voice and hit her with this.

“They’re nice heels you’ve got on! Tell me, do they help you see over the steering wheel when you drive?”

It’s incredible what works (even bad pick-up lines) when you deliver it with confidence in the right way.

  • You might think I’m a funny, quick-witted guy (or maybe not). I had to learn through practice and the best way is to practice on EVERY girl, not just the good ones! That way you’re ready and confident when the good ones arrive! By the way, I’m only average looks too!
  • Are you asking yourself how to impress a girl? Lasting good impressions can be achieved in a day. What you need to do is to approach with the right strategies. Below are great techniques on how to impress a girl easily.

    Be confident: Confidence is the quality of a guy. If a guy doesn’t come with self confidence, he won’t be able to impress a girl. Girls won’t admire a man with no confidence. Assuming you are not confident enough, figure out how to build it. No matter what you’re, you are deserved to be a self-confident strong man. Figure out how to awaken the giant inside you. Learn to polish the unnoticed hidden gems within you. Always keep in mind that a confident man is a lot more desirable than a good looking one with less self confidence. When you have much confidence, it will shine through, and girls will notice it. This is exactly how to impress a girl fast.

    Demonstrate leadership: The moment you worry about how to impress a girl, consider “how could I exhibit leadership here”. Then simply demonstrate it in a soft way. Almost always lead her, but take care not to become bossy. Lead her physically to a new place. Lead her in the discussion. The Woman Men Adore Review – The Truth On Bob Grant’s Book, Effective Internet Marketing and advertising The Guestbook